Apostle Paul: The Early Years Part I

Apostle Paul: The Early Years Part I

Order of Worship

May 7, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “Prodigal”

  • Song “Gracefully Broken”

  • Song “Good Good Father”


Greeting and Announcements


Sermon – Pastor, Mike Halstead

The Apostle Paul, Part I

I. Ananias & Sapphira

 – The difficulty: A ruling on dishonesty
 – The response: A new healthy fear of God Acts 5:10-11
II. Apostles and Their New Ministry
 – The difficulty: Harsh treatment & warning Acts 5:40
 – The response: Renewed strength to carry on Acts 5:42
III. Philip and the Other Deacons
 – The difficulty: A fake trial and brutal killing Acts 6:11-12
 – The response: Stephen glorified Acts 7:54-60
   – Apostles empowered to stay
   – Deacons and others in the church scattered. But . . . Acts 8:1 & 4
   – Saul gets a taste of bloodshed and moves from coat holder to main enforcer Acts 9:1-2
IV. Saved on the Road to Damascus
 – The difficulty: The audible rebuttal of the Lord, blinded Acts 9:3-9
 – The response: Obedience to the rebuke
    – Same fervor, different team Acts 9:19-22
  • Song “I Surrender”


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