Better Than: Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Order of Worship

October 24, 2021

Song – “There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do”

Song- “Jesus Messiah”

Song- “Living Hope”


Message, Pastor Mike Halstead
Freedom In Christ

Colossians 2:6-15

I. WARNING! Colossians 2:8
– Human traditions
– Deceptive liberal philosophies
– “Asceticism” and “Syncretism” defined

II. The FULLNESS of Diety Colossians 2:9-11
– No need for additives!
– i.e. -icons
-other objects or individuals as a conduit
-other writing more valued than scripture

III. “Buried With Him!” Colossians 2:12
– Canceling the writen code
– Named to the cross
– Powers and authority disarmed

Take Away
– What do we hold onto as “holy” or “essential” that the scriptures show as liberty?
– Have you been obedient to the command and example of baptism? Romans 6:3-5
– What has been nailed to the cross…and then re-nailed…and re-nailed…?

Song- “Forgiven”