Impact: Allowing God To Do Great Things With Our Faithfulness

Impact: Allowing God To Do Great Things With Our Failfulness

Order of Worship

May 29, 2022

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “Your Love Awakens Me”

  • Song “All The Poor And Powerless”

  • Song “Lord I Need You”


Greeting and Announcements

Message, Pastor Mike Halstead

Allowing God To Do Great Things With Out Failfulness
 I. Parable Of The Talents
    Matthew 25:14-30
   – “Entrusted” to them Matthew 25:14-15
   – 5 talent man
      “Went at once”  Matthew 25:16
   – 2 talent man   Matthew 25:17
      Not the fill blessing . . . but the same_______
   – 1 talent man Matthew 25:18-30
      Only one talent because . . .
II. Widow at Zarepath
      God’s promise in proportion to our faith
    – Provisions for the prophet Elijah  I Kings 17:1-7
    – Provision for the outcast I kings 17:8-16
   1. Parable of the talents, who’s money was it?
   2. What is your capacity to receive? II Kings 4:1-7
   3. What opportunities might you have to be significant?
   4. Are you willing to give the first loaf?
  • Song “Your Glory”


Next Steps

  • Do you need prayer? Make a request, and our staff and Pastors will pray for you.