Life-Long Discipleship

Life-Long Discipleship

Order of Worship

June 20, 2021

Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song – “Good Good Father”
  • Song – “10,000 Reasons”
  • Song – “Only King Forever”


Message, Pastor Josh Argubright

Life-Long Discipleship
Core value #4

“lifelong process of surrendering and being obedient to Jesus while being transformed into his image”

Matthew 13:1-3

Matthew 13:4-9

Matthew 13:18-19

Matthew 13:20-21

Matthew 13:22

Matthew 13:23

“People do not drift towards holiness.  Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord.” D.A. Carson

“We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance; we drift toward disobedience and it freedom; we drift towards superstition and call it faith.  We cherish the indiscipline of lost self-control and call it relaxation; we slouch toward prayerlessness and delude ourselves into thinking we have escaped legalism; we slide towards godlessness and convince our-selves we have been liberated.” D.A. Carson

  • Song – “You Are My King”