“More Than These?” – Live Stream

“More Than These?” – Live Stream

Order of Worship

April 26, 2020


  • Song – “O Praise the Name”
  • Song – “Drenched”

Message, Pastor Mike Halstead
“More Than These?”

             John 21:1-25
“But first, a humbling fish story” Luke 5:1-11

I. Do you love me more than these?
-More than these men?
-More than these men loved me?
-More than things?
II. “Feed my Sheep!”
-The activation of your faith
-Determining who are “the sheep”
-The full measure of our love
III.  The Lord’s plan for our future
-Different rules
-Different blessings
-Different timelines
-The same God!
IV.  A picture of restoration
-Different rules

Communion, Luke Scherler

Closing Worship

  • Song – “Waymaker”

Next Steps

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