Name Above All Names

Name Above All Names

Order of Worship

October 22, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “From The Day”

  • Song “Hosanna”

  • Song “God of Revival”


Greeting and Announcements

Sermon – “Name Above All Names” Philippians 2:9-11
Pastor Mike Halstead

I. “Therefore”
A look back at vv. 5-8
-Made Himself nothing
-The nature of a servant
-Obedient to death on the cross
-In the likeness of our own spiritual journey?
II. Name Above Every Name
-What is in a name?
-Name of God . . . Word of God  John 1:1, 14
III. Every Knee  Philippians 2:10-11
-Demon possessed girl Acts 16:17-18
-Soldiers in the garden  John 18:3-6
Take Away:
-The absolutes of His supremacy
-The absolutes of our sinful nature
-The faith that is revealed by fire



  • Song “I speak Jesus”

Next Steps

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