The Wise and Foolish Builder

The Wise and Foolish Builder

Order of Worship

March 7, 2021

Welcome and Call to Worship

  • Song – “Doxology”
  • Song – “Jesus”
  • Song – “We Believe”


Message, Pastor Mike Halstead
The Wise and Foolish Builder

I. Building On The Rock
A. Hears these words and . . . vs 24
B. Weathers the storm vs 25
C. The foundation of the D B R (Death Burial Resurrection)
– 1 Corinthians 15:1-2
– “First importance” 15:3-4
– Our proof 15:5-8

II. The Lure of the Sand
Matthew 7:26

III. The Weakness of the Sand
Matthew 7:27

1. What foundations were in place for you?
2. What spiritual attributes will carry you through the hard times?
3. Do you believe . . . but lack obedience?
4. Does your confidence and hope rest in Jesus Christ alone? Matthew 16:14-16

  • Song – “Great Are You Lord”

Next Steps

  • Do you need prayer? Make a request, and our staff and Pastors will pray for you.