Through the Eyes of Jesus

Through the Eyes of Jesus

Order of Worship

August 6, 2023

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “From The Day”

  • Song “Cornerstone”


  • Song “At The Cross”

Greeting and Announcements

Sermon – Pastor Mike Halstead

I. Simon the Pharisee and His Three Conclusions, Luke 7:36-39
1. If Jesus was a prophet, he would know what kind of woman
was anointing his feet
2.If he knew what kind of woman she was, he would not have
allowed her to anoint his feet
3.Since he does let her anoint his feet, he must not be a prophet
II. “I Suppose”, Luke 7:40-43
– An uneasy reluctance
-Admitting the possibility that he was wrong
III. Comparison of Simon to the Woman, Luke 7:44-46
– The woman: a picture of humility with actions of honor and
-Simon: A picture of ambivalence
-No reaction to being in the presence of the Lord
-A high value on propriety, II Samuel 6:16, 20-23
IV. A Thankful Heart For Receiving His Love and Grace, v. 47-50
Conclusion Questions:
-Do we see people through the eyes of Jesus?
-Are we happily stuck in the rut of our thinking?
-Are there areas where we can say “I suppose . . . ”


  • Song “Blessed Assurance”

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