Wise Up: Wisdom for Man Wisdom for Woman

Wise Up: Wisdom for Man Wisdom for Woman

Order of Worship

July 17, 2022

Welcome and Call to Worship


  • Song “From The Day”

  • Song “Good Good Father”

  • Song “Forever Reign”


Greeting and Announcements

Message, Pastor Mike Halstead

Wise Up Living Wisely In A Foolish World
Wisdom for Men
Wisdom for Women
I. Men:
 – Lacking in _______ & _________ Proverbs 3:31-32
 – Aware of temptation        Proverbs 5:3-8
 – Guards his __________ Proverbs 4:23
 – Loves the ___________ Proverbs 12:22 
II.  Women
 – Beauty with _________  Proverbs 11:22
 – One who fears God   Proverbs 31:30
 – A blessing to her husband and to all the things that she puts her hand to     Proverbs 31:10-31
III. The Snare of Adultery & Fornication
        Proverbs 6:25-33
  • Song “You Won’t Relent”


Next Steps

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