We take children’s ministry very seriously at Harvest. Our nursery is squeaky clean & very safe.  All of our nursery workers & teachers have passed national background checks & work in teams to provide the safety & security that this generation of new parents demands and expects.

Our ultimate goal is that your children experience a God who loves them, a fun church that cares for them, and teaching & friendships that help them develop and grow into young people who know that Jesus has a plan for their lives!

Nursery Class

Ages 0 years to 17 months (or not yet walking)

  • A variety of small sensory toys give babies an opportunity to explore.
  • Large toys such as saucers and swings give a chance for supported play and comfort.
  • Trained and dedicated baby-huggers warmly provide comfort during tough moments, diaper changes, feeding time, and unconditional love!

Wobblers Class

18 Months (and walking) through 2.5 years old

  • Many age-appropriate toys are available to the curious wobbler.
  • A variety of Bible learning opportunities are provided through Bible toys, stories and coloring pages.
  • Warm and loving volunteers provide comfort, snacks, diaper changes, and playtime.