The Word for the day is: ” Koinonia” The Greek word meaning “communion,” “fellowship” or “participation.” In the New testament the word refers to a close knit fellowship of its Spirit-filled membership. Inherent in the word is a sense of sharing and self-sacrifice.

In Romans 12:13 we see the word used. ” Share with god’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Also in Romans 15:3 it is “making a contribution” and in II Peter 1:4 it is interpreted “participation”.

I find it interesting that it is not just a lovey dovey feeling but an action word! (My spell check is having a hard time with “lovey dovey”)

I have known that word Koinonia much longer than I have known what it means. My junior summer camp in Sweet Home Oregon was called that. One week each summer I would be sent, . . .or “shipped off” (depending on how much I was bugging my parents) to that wonderful little camp.

I was baptized in the river there my 6th grade year. My wife Jeanette says that she went to camp there also. Weird if we were there at the same time. I most certainly wouldn’t have talked with her. She would have been younger, and she was a . . . .you know . . a girl.

Fellowship, communion, caring for one another, All good things, and designed to be implemented within his Church! Had any Koinonia lately?

Enjoy your day and be praying for the person you will invite to the new church on our first Sunday there.

Pastor Mike