Trunk-or-Treat Fun!

Trunk-or-Treat and Fall Carnival!

Whew! Another year and another fall carnival in the books. Here we are, six days later, and we are still sorting supplies and trying to squeeze everything back into the tiny storage closet that has been officially dubbed the “carnival room.” You might receive quite a fright when opening the door to this room during the year from the 7′ Frankenstein in his giant sunglasses and flower lei. I know I’ve jumped (and maybe screamed) my fair share of times…

Although this year was a lot different than previous years due to COVID-19 restrictions, we still managed to have a lot of fun. Children and families wearing festive costumes walked through the parking lot and collected treats from a number of different “trunks.” Each themed trunk was hosted by families from our church community. Such great ideas and creativity, including Indiana Jones, Big Foot, Mine Craft, and more!

Volunteers ran carnival games inside the gym, where kids were able to throw darts at balloons, fish for prizes, and throw glow-in-the-dark rings at pirate hooks. Families enjoyed cotton candy (thank you volunteers for premaking it!) and popcorn. On their way out, each child was given a mini-pumpkin decorating kit and information about Harvest.

We’re SO thankful that all the pieces fell into place: weather, candy donations (and last-minute candy runs), volunteers, and so much more! We are thankful for the community, over 400 people showed up! Praise God for his blessings and we pray that this event would be a witness to those that came and those surrounding the church.

Enjoy the pictures from the event!

Jacqui Valdez
Executive Director of Operations