Visitation vs. Living in Full

Visitation vs Living in Full

Though my parents divorced after eleven years of marriage they fought with each other for many more years. One topic that came up frequently— visitation. I remember one such battle, they were going back and forth about weekends, mid-week visits, and the upcoming holidays which were hers and which were his.

In attempt to convey my perspective on the child distribution chart I remember my seven year old self standing up and exclaiming, “IT’S NOT his time or her time… It’s all MY time.”

[Pause and reflect on that last sentence for a moment.]

As an adult I get it. There is work time, school time, personal time, family time, church time, and the list goes on in a Western Culture steeped in segregation and compartmentalization. We must be accountable and productive with our hours (future post). As a Children’s Director I try to look at things from the children’s perspective [1], and I have to wonder if God feels like my seven year old self had. “It’s not your time then his time and her time… It’s all my time.”

He listens to us scrambling to figure out how to make our schedules work in harmony with our lives; perhaps, we even bring it to him in prayer. Are we willing to hear, “It’s not your time then his time and her time… It’s all my time.”

Here’s the point: If you are God’s child, stop giving God visitation rights. Start giving him what is actually already his: It’s all His time! The Bible tells us his Spirit dwells within us. [2,3] That means he is with us, a part of us regardless of it being work time, school time, home time, church time, drive time, tool time, or any other time. Stop giving visitation and start letting him be a part of you and everything you do. [4]

[1] Matthew 18:2-4

[2] 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

[3] Romans 8:9 & 14-15

[4] 1 Corinthians 10:31


Chyanne Higgins

Children’s Director, Harvest Christian Church

Preceding thoughts occurred while listening to the sermon Garden City: Kavod