What is important to you?

I enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow. It’s the possible “treasure” in the attic that makes it so interesting to me. I’ve seen people who have purchased an early Chinese vase for $10,000.00 and later had it appraised for $20,000.00, only to be told on TV in front of a million people that it was merely a reproduction worth $50.00.  I’ve also seen an old blanket passed down through the generations turn out to be a rare mid-1800’s Navajo Ute Chief’s blanket worth $500,000.00. The appraiser was so overcome he almost cried when he said, “What you have here is a National treasure!”

What is important to you

We place lots of value on things that moth and rust destroy (the words of Jesus) and subsequently marginalize the many things that we should hold dear to our soul. What is important to you? Where is your treasure? 


Last Sunday we kicked off our Pirate series with a lesson on contentment and the “myth of more.” A topic most all of us need to address, as we find that balance between striving for the best in life and being happy with what you have. If you missed last Sunday’s sermon, catch it online [Listen Here]. I look forward to having you all in the house of the Lord this Sunday!


Pastor Mike