What to do in a time like this?

What To Do In A Time Like This?


The events over the past two weeks which have been sparked by the murder of Mr. George Floyd and the resulting protests have left many of us saddened, angry, disappointed and dismayed not only over his tragic death, but also the resulting anarchy that has occurred in various areas impacting thousands.

Oppression, racism, hate, and envy of our fellow man is such a huge part of our fallen condition collectively. It has been on going all the way back to Cain and Abel.

This is evident not only in the United States, but around the world. Daily, people are tortured, raped, beaten, starved and killed around the world because they are of a different race, religion, or people group.

The question has been posed to us, “What is the church to do in a time like this?”

The answer in this is the same as in all situations. We have to turn to Jesus, and Jesus alone.

The root of much of this is a loss of love that Christ demonstrated and ultimately died for – the loss of love for each other and recognizing that each human is of great worth to our Savior because His death was for all men and for all people, even while they were still sinners.

So, what do we do?

Again, it is all about Jesus – it always has been and always will be.

We ask Jesus first to search out our own hearts. First for the things in our own hearts that need to be cleansed – to correct our thoughts and to give us His love for humanity, and to forgive us of our wrong thoughts and actions.

Then we pray and love. We seek out those that are hurting, and we love them because Christ loves us.

The next step?

We pray more and we love deeper. We do everything we can to show the love of Christ to everyone we meet.

We pray for our leaders to be filled with love and wisdom.

We pray for the family’s affected.

We pray for the officers.

We pray that the love of Christ would penetrate every corner of our society.

And we keep on Praying and loving until Christ returns.

We all want you to know that everyone is welcome here at Harvest. Regardless of your skin color. Regardless of the language you speak. Regardless of your country of origin. Regardless of your occupation.

You are welcome here always because Christ himself welcomes you with open arms and so do we.